Hydrogen Resources

Hydrogen Awareness Course

ESP, in partnership with SGN, Orkney College UHI and Dundee and Angus College, have developed an online awareness course in Hydrogen.  From discussions with SGN and government agencies, we realised that the expansion of the hydrogen economy is projected to make a significant impact on sustainable economic health.  There was a need for general awareness of Hydrogen and it’s uses of.  An online tool was developed aimed at a broad audience with the purpose of introducing a future career in hydrogen.  Industry involvement was sought through SGN and SHFCA members.  Areas covered include;

  • Introduction to Hydrogen
  • Types of Hydrogen
  • Health & safety
  • Future careers options in the Hydrogen industry

Colleges will use the tool with engineering and science students and school groups.  Industry plans to use the tool as an education tool for gas network customers.

Hydrogen for Transport Course

Building on the Hydrogen awareness and wind awareness online courses, ESP have worked in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, H2 Aberdeen, H2 AcceleratorHyTrEc2 and SMART-HY-AWARE to produce a high quality, easily accessible, factual course aimed at those intending on joining a hydrogen transport industry including school and college students. 

In transport, Hydrogen is a promising alternative to internal combustion engines, especially heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, heavy goods vehicles, trains and ships.

Key areas covered in this course include.

  • Hydrogen Refuelling Stations
  • Road Transport
  • Marine Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Air Transport