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ESP is a member’s forum made up of Scotland’s colleges. ESP established in 2011 with a remit to enhance skills to meet industry’s needs and to support the diverse range of skills interventions required to maximise economic benefits as identified in the Scottish Energy Strategy: The Future of Energy in Scotland. The Engineering and Energy and Construction and Energy Themed Groups were established in 2012 to lead on Engineering for Scotland’s colleges. The groups were recently re-named as Strategy Groups with a strong focus on future developments.


The purpose of these groups is to bring experts from industry and the college sector together to lead on change that will build up college capacity and capability in line with Scottish Funding Council and Skills Development Scotland’s strategic aims and current priorities.


The groups are made up of curriculum managers and leaders, along with industry bodies and government agencies by invite who work and collaborate together towards developing an employment and skills system which is simpler, better integrated and able to deliver the skills and jobs needed to succeed in the 21st Century global economy.

Our Aim

Our aim is for Scotland to be at the forefront of skills development for the Energy sector and to ensure the right skills are being developed at the right time to meet industry and colleges regional needs.

Sub sectors groups:

  • Wind & Marine Training Network (Large Scale Renewables)
  • Marine & Maritime Training Network
  • Advanced Manufacture Training Network
  • Automotive Training Network (Low Carbon Transport)
  • Oil & Gas Training Network

ESP is now focussed on supporting 3 key Strategy Documents:

  1. Scottish Energy Strategy: The Future of Energy in Scotland
  2. Energy Efficient Scotland
  3. Offshore Wind Sector Deal