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ESP Scope

The Scottish Government’s economic strategy outlines its vision for a nation of world class scientific achievement, a magnet for talent and for investment, a powerhouse of technology, innovation and enterprise.  With science, technology and innovation at the heart of increasing competitiveness and improving Scotland's economic performance in today's knowledge-based economy.

Moreover, opportunities for skills developments within the energy, engineering and construction sectors are required to support the Scottish Government’s Skills for Scotland, in which the government highlights its vision for a successful, globally competitive economy based on highly skilled and better paid jobs, high productivity, fairness and high quality public services.  

To support Scotland’s aspirations, ESP was established in September 2011 to support the skills agenda.  By working in a cohesive and constructive consortium, Scotland’s colleges demonstrate not only responsiveness but also a collective capability and capacity to provide the technical skills required. Colleges already provide much of the skills needs of Scotland’s energy sector and aspire to support the emerging technologies which present a real opportunity for Scotland and build the foundations of a road map to Scotland’s new energy skills landscape.


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The ESP vision is of a college sector which works collaboratively to deliver the right skills, in the right place at the right time for the energy, engineering and construction sectors, maximising Scotland’s economic development and the generation of industry capacity for jobs growth.

Its aims are:

  1. to be the interface between Scotland’s colleges and government, government agencies, industry bodies and trade associations; and to provide influence and support skills developments across Scotland’s colleges;
  2. to play a key role in economic development and job creation;
  3. to establish a demand-led system that will deliver high quality provision based on energy sector needs;
  4. to work with partners to promote the energy, engineering, construction and STEM sectors as careers of choice and develop seamless pathways through schools to college to university